San Diego Oceanfront
Bed and Breakfast
“Fall Asleep To The Sound Of The Surf”

The Oceanfront Deck 


Big, comfy lounge chairs on the Sunrise Deck and the Oceanfront Deck invite you to tan, nap or read.


Spend some quality time in the sun on the Oceanfront Deck. 

There's a big comfortable lounge chair with your name on it!  Choose a good book from the house library, or just drowse in the sunshine. 

If you wish to be even closer to the ocean, to pick up that salt spray and mingle with the surfers, you can simply walk down to Moonlight Beach only 50 steps out your door.  





Learn How To Surf



Surf lessons are available from professional surfers who supply everything you need (board, wetsuit, ocean).  Group lessons are offered nearly every day, usually $30 for a two hour class. 

Click here for a link to Kahuna Bob's Surf School.


The Views  




The sunsets are second to none from the Oceanfront Deck as you watch surfers, pelicans, scuba divers, dolphins, sailboats, moon, planets, constellations, navy ships, and, on clear evenings, Santa Catalina and San Clemente islands more than 60 miles away.    







Carpe Diem! Seize The Day!  Read This Book!


Here is the fabled "green spot" caught on film.  It's spectacular in real life. Q.  What does sailing across the ocean in a 50 foot sailboat (with your family!) while staring death in the eyes have to do with a stay at the Lovely San Diego Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast? 

A.  John Otterbacher. 

John has a profound appreciation for living in the present moment - one day at a time - and living life to the fullest.  He wrote an enormously engrossing book about surviving a heart that wanted to quit - and how he wouldn't let it interfere with his dream of sailing the Atlantic Ocean with his family on their boat "Grace." 

We have been honored to have author John Otterbacher and his family here as a guest, and heartily recommend his book "Sailing Grace" available at In the words of famous outdoor author Jim Harrison, Sailing Grace is "an engrossing and perilous adventure story."  We love its message of living life to the fullest in the face of overwhelming odds - and winning - as the book chronicles John's experiences of what it means to live and love. 

Link to the Sailing-Grace Website:

Link to the book's Amazon website


Stay With Us On The Beautiful Pacific Ocean

Our home is right across from the Surf Sign


San Diego Oceanfront Bed & Breakfast is in the community of Leucadia, in the City of Encinitas.  Our home is on the oceanfront, perched on a bluff directly above beautiful, sandy beach stretching miles in both directions 80 feet below.  

The stairway to the beach is 50 steps out your door.  The views from the Oceanfront Deck stretch from LaJolla to the south, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point to the north, and San Clemente and Santa Catalina islands 60 miles to the west.  

We're a 15 minute walk down the beach to the Swami's Surf Beach, 25 minutes from the San Diego airport, San Diego Zoo, Historic OldTown, Legoland and SeaWorld, 40 minutes from the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and 70 minutes from Disneyland. 

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