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Sunset & Beach Photos 

Many of the sunsets are so clear that you can watch the sun to the last split second.  That's when the green spot appears, on super clear evenings. Pretty darned awesome. After a winter storm.

(L) Sunset April 23, 2001  (C) Sunset May 6, 2001      (R) Sunset March 31, 2001

A quiet summer evening. Every sunset is different.  The clouds turn every color imaginable. A different, yet equally beautiful, summer evening.

(L) Sunset Feb 26, 2001  (C) Sunset Jan 17, 2001      (R) Sunset December 22, 2000

The beach is 60 seconds out your door.  Sun, anyone?Surfing.  Boogie boarding.  This could be you!

Sunday afternoon at Stone Steps Beach. 
The steps to the beach are 50 steps outside your door. 
These photos taken on Sunday afternoon, May 6, 2001

Miles of beach, as far as the eye can see.  This is looking south from in front of our home.  The famous surf beach, Swami's, is just around the point - a 12 minute walk.  This is looking north from in front of our home.

The beach in front of our home. 
These photos were taken on the afternoon of April 4, 2001

Join us for a glass of wine or tea at sunset.Sunset is a time for relaxing and looking forward to a new day.

Wine and cheese on the deck at sunset. Taken May 5, 2001.


The end of another perfect day...


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Pelagic Birding Southern California on the ocean